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People love property! As a topic of conversation, it is something that many of us have in common and we love talking about it. Whether it’s our latest buy, a course we are doing, or a seminar we attended, we frequently share ideas, experiences and strategies.

While many buyers think that by attending a seminar, reading a book or doing some form of education they can replace the need for engaging experts, I can only suggest that this is a false economy.

As an investor, because you need to step into the future with them and consider all implications for example how big you want to build your portfolio, what types of properties you will buy, which strategies you will implement and who will benefit financially – so that they can provide the correct advice, planning and structuring in advance.

It’s therefore important, that you understand that risk mitigation is factored into establishing a property portfolio and that engaging experts is part of the process.

So who are these experts? In order of engagement;

Stage 1

1- Buyer Agent/Accredited Property Investment Advisor – Property selection

2- Accountant/Financial Planner – Tax structuring

3- Mortgage Broker – Loan structuring

Stage 2

4 – Solicitor/Conveyancer – Manage property transaction

5 – Building inspector – Assure compliance

6 – Pest inspector – Identify any issues

Stage 3

7 – Property manager – Tenant selection

8 – Insurance broker – Adequate cover

9 – Quantity surveyor – Tax deduction maximisation

Why engage these experts in advance? Because after the purchase, it is TOO LATE!

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