Meet the team

Mitesh Dedhia

Director & Finance Broker | Strategist to Property Investors

I am a CPA qualified Accountant with over 12 years of finance experience across Sydney and Melbourne. In this time, I developed a reputation for being a trusted finance advisor with strong analytical skills as well as a passionate conversationalist when talking about my successful property investing journey.

In Sep 2015, This passion turned into an exciting career, when I transitioned to greener pastures and become self employed as a Mortgage Broker.

Today having a multi-million dollar property portfolio and still an active property investor and developer, I haven’t looked back and am assisting others towards the path of future wealth and financial freedom. I have been honoured with a raft of achievements from all of the major banks. COMMONWEALTH BANK DIAMOND BROKER, ANZ PREMIUM BROKER, BANK OF MELBOURNE GOLD BROKER, WESTPAC A+ BROKER.

The awarded statuses are in recognition of performance excellence, which helps provide dedicated support and faster turnaround times for my clients. It also puts me in a stronger position when negotiating special pricing with the banks or to approve loans that are outside of the normal lending policy. All of these achievements are the result of above average conversion ratios for approvals and low to no errors.

As one of our proudest achievements as a company that strives to deliver direct value to customers, I was delighted that we were a finalist for Best Customer Service VIC/TAS at the EA Connective Excellence Awards 2017. The year before, I was also a finalist for ‘Best Newcomer’ but unfortunately fell short of victory. Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of the Think & Grow Finance brand I have built, predominantly on commitment and dedication to making a positive difference to peoples’ lives. I firmly believe that you receive more when you give more.

Happy days at Think and Grow Finance as always.

Kellie Le Dedhia

Sales Support

Ensuring seamless and efficient running of the business, Kellie is the driving force behind Think and Grow Finance and it’s success to date.

Cultivating a reputation as one of the leading mortgage broking businesses in the local area, Kellie is responsible for all administration and sales, as well as client engagement. Kellie has enjoyed a career in HR across a broad range of industries from Telecommunications to Aviation, all of which require high volume administration and data processing skills.

Being an experienced HR professional, Kellie has a natural ability to build rapport and is known for her authenticity and honesty. She is especially passionate about the business and has a shared vision with her husband, Mitesh – to always ensure that the strong partnerships forged, forms the basis of all engagement. Before going on maternity leave in late 2015, Kellie worked for Randstad; the world’s second largest HR service provider where she leads Melbourne based Ascend contact center.

This experience along with her past dealings at Jetstar as HR Business Partner allowed her to intimately understand the nuances, critical requirements and opportunities of a client. Having worked for both boutique and global companies that are highly reputable, Kellie understands the importance of exemplary customer service and consistently having a consultative nature which is key to the development and expert delivery of her services with Think and Grow Finance.

Dan Poudyal

Mortgage Broker

With over 20 years of experience in various senior roles in Australian corporate and government sectors, Dan has developed skills to provide a valuable practical, tailored solution to suit a broad range of clients from different walks of life. He has got extensive knowledge and qualification in Finance and Technology.

He bought his first property in 2010 and has since built a multi-million-dollar portfolio in just 12 years. During this journey, he gained experience in property sourcing, mortgages, and other asset classes.

In 2021, Dan quit his high-paying IT job to become a full-fledged Mortgage Broker. Dan is also a licensed Buyers Agent. With the right qualification and practical experience, he is well-placed to assist clients seeking a successful outcome.

Dan is also a fitness fanatic. He has completed two full marathons and multiple half marathons. He loves hiking, and his goal is to finish Ironman in the coming years.

Our key focuses


We strive to build lifetime relationships with our clients and highly value recommendations and referrals – That is what our business is built on. We achieve this by being transparent and ensuring you understand the process entirely every step of the way.

Friendly Helpful Service

It’s no secret – the heart of a successful company business model is in the level and detail of customer service. We believe this entirely, therefore strive to provide timely, accurate communication with a high sense of urgency at all times.

Whether it be as simple as a phone enquiry or as engaging as a catch up over coffee you will always experience friendly helpful service

Quick turnaround times

We are a milestones and target driven company built on recommendations and referrals of satisfied clients. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times as in many cases it can be crucial to one’s decision or situation.

Think and Grow Finance operate 7 days a week, in and outside of business hours and even on weekends.

Experienced Team of Professionals

At Think and Grow Finance you will experience the professionalism of a solid team that has worked and invested in property together for many years. This is where our experience really pays off for you.

Mitesh Dedhia is a CPA qualified Accountant with extensive experience. He can work with your Accountant or Financial Planner to provide you with tax effective structure advice.

Our Process

We take care of the entire process, saving you time and money. Our key objective is to help you secure the right finance solution with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

  • Initial Enquiry - We discuss your finance requirements with you to determine how we can help.

  • Research - We carry in-depth research into the best possible finance solution for your specific requirements from our wide panel of lending institutions.

  • No Obligation Consultation - We meet and identify your current needs, objectives and key priorities.

  • Recommendation - We pull our findings together and provide our Lending Recommendation, designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Application - We implement the agreed recommendation and manage every detail of the loan application.

  • Settlement - We liaise with all relevant parties to ensure a seamless and smooth settlement process.

Key advantages of using Think & Grow to secure your finance

  • We don't charge any fees

    Brokers can charge upfront fees depending on the complexity of the loan. In all cases we are paid by the respective lender on settlement therefore our service to you, is a free service. To ensure we retain existing clients and secure your future business, we do not charge any fees for credit or structure advice or to find you the best deal each and every time. Annual reviews of your loan are at no cost either.

    Whilst commission between the lenders vary, we are fully transparent and make this information readily available to you. As a result of years of experience working and dealing with a large number of lending institutions, we are able to scour the market for the best deal for you. This is achieved by using the latest industry technology software.

  • We save you time

    There are countless reasons why it pays to use a Mortgage Broker when shopping for the best loan. The biggest being that it saves you precious time and hassle. Nowadays over 50% of loans are written through Finance Brokers, which is why seeking a qualified Credit Adviser Mortgage professional is now the smartest and quickest way to obtain finance.

    Think and grow operate around the clock, and where possible come to you. We understand in today’s busy society, it is difficult enough to get to the bank let alone in time before it closes. Appointments can be scheduled in and out of business hours and even on weekends.

    Researching hundreds of loans from different lenders takes a lot of time. Based on your needs, we will compare and provide you with the right loan, from thousands of products from over 40 lenders in minutes using the latest industry technology software. More importantly we explain the differences to you so you can make an informed choice.

    In addition, how many times have you been frustrated to find out that the contact you were dealing with at the bank has left or moved on? At Think and Grow finance, it is guaranteed that the same professional will see you throughout the entire process of your loan ensuring you obtain the same level of service and understanding of your particular needs.

  • Investment savvy broker

    As property investors ourselves, we have personally undergone numerous different structures from residential, commercial to property development loans. With this knowledge we can help you diversify your portfolio and structure your finances correctly to ensure you are on the right path to future wealth. To structure your finances for maximum tax effectiveness, we can speak to your accountant or financial planner.

  • Right deal for you

    Meandering through endless mortgage products to find the best deal possible is a tough call, especially for the uninitiated. So how do you go about choosing the one that is right for you?

    When engaging with a Think and Grow Finance professional, we understand that each person is different and the loans and lenders suggested will depend on how you, as our client wants to utilise your loan.

    Choosing the right mortgage can be an over whelming experience therefor we encourage you to involve your spouse or relevant family members in the initial consultation to help raise issues for discussion. That way we are able to efficiently and effectively find the most suitable deal for you. When what you are seeking is clear and the size of the loan required, we know how much we can push the banks when it comes to interest rates and policy. We also have strong relationships with BDM’s of many banks resulting in fast turnaround and discounted pricing (interest rate discounts). These discounts are generally not attainable if you go to the bank directly.

  • Other lenders besides banks

    So your first thought when taking out a loan is to go to the bank, however there are so many lenders out there including credit unions and building societies. In recent years the mortgage manager or non-bank lender has emerged therefore it is in your best interest to consider them all. Both bank and non lenders have to abide by the same laws, rules and regulation which governs all credit transactions in Australia. Quite often non lenders will offer very competitive rates and can be the cheaper option with less stringent lending criteria.

  • After care

    We value all business as well as recommendations and referrals therefore like to stay in touch to check in from time to time. Our core values are based on transparency and integrity which will reflect even more so, in the way we treat our clients after settlement.

    Our aim is to look after your finances as a lifelong commitment. That’s why we offer regular mortgage advice and guidance throughout the different stages in your life.

How we get paid

Upon successful settlement of the loan, the applicable bank or lending institution will pay us. Hence, our credit and structure advice to you is at no cost. Our goal is to help you find the best deal.

We are paid by the financial institution for introducing new business & for doing most of the administrative work that would otherwise have to be done by one of their own staff.

This outsourced approach is very effective and suits all parties. The banks win by getting new business and reducing staff costs. You, the client wins by gaining access to a mortgage broking professional who has access to many lenders and loan products and assistance with all paperwork that comes with it. And of course, the mortgage broker wins by getting paid by the bank to perform these tasks and services.

The commission that the lending institution pays us for preparing, referring, submitting, tracking and settling the finance is fully disclosed to you from the outset in a formal contract. We outline all arrangements and are happy to do so. The commission that we receive from the bank/lending institution, does not cost you anything and does not result in you paying higher rates of interest. In fact, it is quite the opposite as in many cases, due to our “buying power”, we are able to provide you with lower interest rates than what you can obtain by going direct to the bank.

Any recommendations made by us are based on your needs and the most suitable product and lender. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients and are focused on your best interests.

Why Use A TGF Broker?

We’ve outlined a few of the key advantages of using a TGF credit adviser / mortgage broker to secure your finance.

  • Our service is free

    In most cases, we do not charge for the credit or structure advice or for finding you the best deal as we are paid by the bank on settlement of the loan. It’s very rare that you can see a professional with years of experience and industry knowledge who will not charge you, so what are you waiting for?

  • You save time

    If you would like to walk from bank to bank asking them about their products, interest rates and whether you meet their policy, you are free to. However it is a time consuming way of obtaining finance. Nowadays over 50% of loans are written through Finance Brokers, which is why seeking a qualified Credit Adviser Mortgage professional is now the smartest and quickest way to obtain finance.

    We can meet you and within minutes, determine the best finance provider to align you with as a result of years of experience, working and dealing with a huge number of institutions. This can only be achieved by using the latest industry technology software which forms part of our core business to scour the market for the best deal for you. At time of writing, we have access to around 50 lenders.

  • Who is looking after your best interests?

    As your trusted credit adviser, we speak to your accountant or financial planner as to the best way to structure the finance for maximum tax effectiveness. By going direct to the bank, you may not obtain the same level of interest in your particular needs.

    A financial institution may be able to provide a decent interest rate, but that may not be the best outcome if the finance is not set up correctly.

    In addition, how many times have you found a good contact in a bank, only to find that they have left or moved on? By dealing with Think & Grow finance, you will not have this problem as we are here for the long term.

  • The deal that is right for you

    The average person has little idea of the deals that can be obtained via the bank. As soon as you tell us what you are seeking and the size of the loan you require, we know how much we can push the banks in terms of their interest rates and policy. Given the amount of finance deals we lodge and the desire for the banks to win our business, we have special accreditation with many banks resulting in fast turnaround times and discounted pricing (interest rate discounts). These discounts are generally not attainable if you go to the bank directly.

    Furthermore, some banks have specialist divisions that are set up for Finance Brokers and you can only access these interest rates and products by using firms such as ours.

  • The industry

    The finance industry is constantly evolving and there has been more of a focus in recent times from both the Australian Government and ASIC. In July 2011, the Australian Government introduced legislation to abolish “early repayment fees” which meant that it was easier and cheaper for consumer’s to refinance and move banks.

    In addition, in July 2010, the Government also introduced the National Consumer Credit Protection Act which had a number of purposes. Some of these were to ensure that those operating in the field of providing credit advice are duly qualified and obtain a membership with an industry body such as the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

    Those holding Australian Credit Licences (ACL) or those working as a Credit Representative are governed by ASIC. The result is that you are dealing with a highly regulated industry with duly qualified representatives.

  • Online lenders

    There are many online lenders offering cheap rates, but are they really any good?

    The issue with online lenders is that they generally only assist with payg/salaried employees. In addition, they do not cater for larger loan sizes or offer any credit or structure advice so there is no one to build a relationship with. Finally, in terms of products, it is rare they offer essential features such as redraw, interest only periods and offset accounts for example. Hence, obtaining just a low rate may end up costing you more in the long run.

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