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The biggest misconception people tend to have when building a home, is that it’s just a business transaction. In reality, you’ll interact with your home builder on a daily basis and spend a lot of time together.

Communication is the most important element in any relationship. Without communication, there’s disconnect that can cause conflict and assumptions about what’s expected. In every relationship, both parties need to respect each other’s needs. It’s important that your home is the right fit for you.

Make sure that your home builder of choice is as invested in your project as you are by treating the initial meeting like a job interview – after all it’s a significant opportunity you’re offering! Come prepared for the interview with a clear idea of your expectations, your budget and your time-line – then ask detailed questions about how the builder will meet them.

The issues you need to cover are:


• Who is my main point of contact during construction?
• How and where will I meet with that person? How available will they be?
• How will my concerns and questions be addressed?
• Do we have the same understanding of cost, quality and timing?


• How long have individual contractors been working with you?
• How do you ensure the quality of your contractors work?


• What is the time-line?
• What happens if dates on the time-line are not met?


• How are extra charges dealt with?
• What is your record on completing on time?
• What is the definition of complete? Will work continue after we move in?
• What is the cost? What does this include?
• What costs are outside the standard contract?
• When are part-payments due?

For most people, building a new home is the biggest investment in their lives so once you gather all your information, take your time and consider which builder will really be the best fit for you. You’ll be living with that decision for years to come so give yourself time to ponder and evaluate.

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