Referral Program – Think & Grow Finance

Referral Program

We want more clients like you

As our valued client, a referral from you is the ultimate compliment and something we take very seriously. The fact that you value our service so much that you would recommend it to your closest friends and family not only shows your support, but that we are doing something right.

We are looking forward to helping our new clients, as we have helped you.

As a reward, you’ll receive $200 for each client as a result of your recommendation. To make a referral, simply complete the form and leave the rest to us!

So how does it work?

Terms and Conditions :

  • A Referrer may refer either themselves for their own loan or other borrowers.
  • A referrer may choose that the referral payment be paid to either themselves or the loan applicants.
  • Think & Grow Finance (the Broker) will contact the referred applicant/s within four (4) hours of receipt of the referral or within the time frames indicated as best contact time.
  • Only one (1) referral payment will be made per loan. The first referral received will qualify for the referral payment. Subsequent referrals received from other referrers for the same borrower/s will not qualify for an RRP. e.g: where a loan is for two or more applicants and one referrer has provided a referral for applicant “A” and another for applicant “B”, only the first referral received will qualify.
  • Payment will be paid in the form of Gift Cards issued by any of Westfield’s, Myer Stores, Bunnings Hardware, Masters Home Improvements, or David Jones. Other gift cards will be considered from time to time. Referrers should remember it is their responsibility to ensure that Gift Cards are used before the expiry date. Payment will be issued in person or for interstate clients by registered mail . Once the gift card has been posted the Broker is deemed to have fulfilled its obligations and no further claim will be accepted.
  • We ask that referrers tell the person they are referring to expect a call from Think & Grow Finance beforehand.